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Our Vision

A Place Where People Encounter God

What We Believe
Joining a church without making Jesus your Lord and Savior is truly putting the cart before the horse. It’s similar to going into a marriage without meeting your spouse. It’s because you are in love and know the person that you make the decision to commit to marriage. Likewise, you become a member of a church because you have met the One to whom you have given your life. It is important that you become a member of a church because you truly believe that it is where God has sent you to learn, grow and minister for His Kingdom. Before joining Enon (or any faith community), evaluate where you are spiritually, learn about the church you are considering, and ask God to reveal to you if He wants you to join this branch of Zion. Your class today will help you learn more about what it means to belong to a Baptist church, and also what we at Enon believe that God has given to us as our mission and vision.

As stated earlier, our New Members Process is designed to help you begin the journey from membership to discipleship. Your initial classes will provide an overview of salvation and church membership that will help you understand the faith commitment that you have made. The remaining classes are design to help you learn to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

There are four ways to be received into membership at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church: as a new believer in Christ; as a believer who, for whatever reason, has not had a church home (Christian Experience); with a letter from one’s former church, acknowledging a transfer from one congregation to another; or under “Watch Care,” which means that you are uniting temporarily with the Enon congregation but intend to eventually return to your home church. (This often happens with college students, or persons temporarily relocated by their employers.)

New believers are expected to submit to baptism by immersion (you will learn more about this shortly). All believers who are accepted into the congregation are extended “the Right Hand of Fellowship.” The concept of the Right Hand of Fellowship originates in the book of Acts, when Paul and Barnabas met the original apostles and were accepted by them as genuine followers of Jesus Christ. Paul describes this meeting Galatians 2:9. The apostles offered Paul and Barnabas their right hands to shake, because the right hand was considered the hand of honor and blessing. Likewise, we continue the accepting of new members into our fellowship by shaking right hands as a sign of both welcome and affirmation. Baptism and Right Hand of Fellowship both occur at a special service. You will be invited to participate in one of these services once you complete your New Image classes. We look forward to celebrating with you!