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The Organization Community The Organization Community’s goal is to create and maintain a clean and safe environment whereby congregants can worship our Lord and Savior and to maintain and be good stewards of the data, information, and financial records that this community preserves. Scripture: Galatians 6:10 “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”

Jerry Pendergrass


Organization Community

Operation community

Is the overall service community for the entire church. Its goal is to provide the necessary guidance for the congregation and service on request while being a keeper of our overall financial and data records.

Office Staff

Provides the connection from the outside to the many ministries that functions within the church, providing contact information about church activities. Office staff also provides mailers, flyers, posters, etc. to alert the congregants of church activities. This is performed through our copy center, which operates throughout the week and on an “as needed” basis. The Kingdom Opportunities is used to announce our church events as well as maintain records of our sick and shut-in. The foundation of the church is our record keeping abilities for our financial contributions and church’s database.

Summer Interns

Deal with work experiences for those students who have maintained high scholastic grades and have been registered on the Pastor’s Honor Roll. These students are entitled to experience a paid 2-month work history in various departments within the church.

Facility Maintenance

Maintaining the equipment, grounds and property of the church assuring the congregation of its cleanliness. The highly trained and visible working staff of sextons are responsible and care for both churches. They are available to resolve emergencies, regardless of their timing.

Human Resource

The Human Resources Department has oversight of the human resources function of the church, including hiring, benefits administration, and employee relations. It is responsible for ensuring the church is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and maintenance of employment-related records.

Uplift Solutions/Shoprite Stores

Uplift Solutions is a viable training program for ex-offenders. Enon provides a training space for classes which teaches participants the skills necessary to operate within Shoprite stores.

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